3D-Human Visualization: Platform for Anatomy and Diseases

The complex medicineanatomy studies and disease diagnosis can be simplified by 3D-Human Visualisation. 3D-Human Anatomy can also be a modern approach to teaching and learning anatomy. This helps in understanding anatomy better than adopting the methodologies like dissection and the older surgical techniques. Modern techniques have also paved way for 3D-Bioprinting. Modern Anatomy and Physiology deals with the advanced methodologies and modern technologies involved in teaching and learning anatomy and physiology. Technological advancements lead to a good quality of research. The techniques ranging from plastination to the new modern medical patient simulators shows the development of science and technology in anatomy and physiology. They also include several teaching modalities like 3D-anatomy.



  • Track 1-1 Screen-Based Simulations
  • Track 2-2 Realistic High-Tech Interactive Human Simulator
  • Track 3-3 Virtual Reality
  • Track 4-4 Modern human visualizing modalities

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